Last week we spent some time in America visiting friends and exploring New York. It was my first time there and I instantly fell in love with the buzz. We visited as many quirky coffee shops as we could and embarked on a caffeine and pretzel-fuelled whistle stop tour of the city. 

We did lots of tourist must do’s: cocktails at the top of the rock, Brunch at EGG in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, Times Square etc., as well as some more local places slightly off the beaten track. We were so lucky to have two of our good friends showing us around and giving us invaluable insider info - the best travel guides you could wish for. After 9 days of eating, drinking, walking and people watching we came home exhausted and broke but inspired and excited for our next stateside visit. 

Whilst we were looking forward to taking some time away from work, we couldn’t resist getting the cameras out to capture a few of the beautiful sights. We've also put together a couple of short video edits that you can find on our Instagram 👉