We’ve just got back from a trip down to the South West. I grew up in Plymouth and spent a lot of time in Cornwall growing up so it has a big place in my heart and we try and get down there as often as possible for a bit of down time and a lot of fresh air. 

There is something really special about Cornwall, as soon as you step out of the car or off the train it’s as though everything slows down and you’re forced to take a deep breath and drink in your surroundings. I’m lucky enough to have a family caravan on the North coast near Padstow so we braved the Easter storms and huddled in our little tin house for the weekend.

We had real fun shooting this video. Sam was directing/ filming whilst I was guiding the team along the beach and spotting Sam (to stop him falling over / in the sea) and Dom was in charge of attempting to keep us and the camera gear dry throughout the showers. He did a great job, although we did all manage to get our feet completely soaked in the process (we’ve since invested in some wellies).

The initial plan was to shoot the video at 50fps and have Naomi sing along with the song playing at 200% speed, so that she would appear to be walking in slow motion but would still be singing in time to the original track. However, we soon realised that certain elements of the song would be near impossible to sing at that speed so we decided to film at 30fps which would only mean a 120% increase for the song. This gave us a really subtle smoothness to the video and helped to emphasise the wind and rain. Shooting at 30fps and then conforming the footage down to 25fps also helped with the stabilisation of the shot, reducing any annoying micro shake. 

 You can check out Naomi’s previous EP here 👉  naomijohnsonmusic.com

We're currently waiting for the track to be mastered but will post the finished video once it's ready!